In fact, the previous impact of 20-level ceiling models are not a few, can often be the price "breakthrough" up, and sales are still "embarrassing." This time, the second month of the month sales that reached 6500 units of the transfer Qi GS8, to achieve a real breakthrough, the success of the brand and create a win-win situation in the market. In production capacity, the Guangzhou-chuan Qi also made full preparations. With the completion of the second production line capacity expansion, is currently scheduled to Chuan Chi GS8 in about two months to deliver the user to use, the expansion of production capacity greatly reduces the delivery time for the follow-up sales to enhance the play a key Of the boosting effect. With the success of GS8, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi 2016 high-end strategic force, brand strategy to achieve initial success. At the beginning of 2017, Chuan Chi and carrying GS7, GE3, Enspirit three new car show starting in North America, a comprehensive display in the development, design, manufacturing and other areas of super strength. It is reported that in 2017 Chuan Chi will launch 9 new products, as 50 million annual sales target, it is estimated to look at the production line on how much effort the machine.