Concrete machinery operator safety requirements for operation

1. Certificates after mixing truck operator must go through safety training, passed the examination and obtain a qualification certificate issued by competent authority. 2. The operator must be in good health. Suffering from the disease and hinder the safe operation of mental disorders are not allowed to operate machinery and equipment. 3. Operations should observe or inspect machinery, personnel and environment around, not allowed to leave their posts. 4. The operator must wear safety protective equipment as required. When the job long hair can not be exposed, workers should wear work hat. 5. Machinery and equipment shall not be arbitrarily removed lighting, signal, instrumentation, alarms and guards. Periodic checks should be required, adjust the security guards. 6. Machinery and equipment exposed transmission, rotating parts and hot, live parts shall be provided with guards and other security facilities and has obvious safety warning signs. 7. Do not touch the mechanical operation of moving parts, repair and maintenance work. 8. Machinery when traveling on the road must comply with the relevant provisions of the traffic management department. 9. Before the mechanical through bridges, should be aware of the carrying capacity of the bridge, after confirmation by the security before the low speed. Non-emergency steering and brakes on the deck. Care must be hot selling small foam concrete pump from China taken before the bridge opening by height limit, only after confirmation by security. 10. Former self-propelled machinery operation, must be checked, braking, steering, signaling and safety devices should be complete and effective. 11. When the ramp down, shall lateral park. Longitudinal parking, must block cover and floor work means the auxiliary brake, brake confirmed reliable operator before leaving. Rainy season should be parked in the higher ground of mechanical solid ground. 12. Mechanical operations, shall not vertically machinery. 13. Machinery and equipment in the vicinity of work stations, substations, power distribution room, not allowed to enter the danger zone. When working near power lines, the distance from the high-voltage machinery and work equipment trajectory body should meet the following requirements.

Concrete Mixing Plant

1. Check to make sure safety. (1) for part of the platform structure must be strong and reliable connection. Limit device and brake sensitive and reliable. (2) Control systems of electrical, pneumatic weighing device is safe and effective, and reliable safety device. (3) Platform protect access to zero, lightning protection intact. Lift (4) conveying means fighting, dragline rope and conveyor belt without damage. (5) out of the gate switch flexible material, in place. (6) air compressor and air supply system should be running normally, no abnormal noise and air leaks, pressure should be maintained within a predetermined range. (7) operating area, material storage areas and work areas must be set up clearly marked. 2. After starting the mixing system, air operation should be Construction site concrete mixer for sale carried out to check the mechanical functioning. After confirming the mixing system properly before automatic production cycle. Non-load shutdown or startup. 3. Work should concentrate, observe the various instruments, indicators, belt conveyor, feed dispenser system, found large pieces of stone and foreign matter should be promptly removed; abnormal situation should immediately stop production; in case of emergency should immediately cut off Power to the relevant personnel. 4. The operator must operate according to the procedure laid down when the computer failure, maintenance must be performed by professionals. 5. When the job is strictly prohibited non-workers into the production area. 6. Job security cover must not be opened and stirred cover inspection, lubrication, is strictly prohibited tools, sticks stretch people feed or clean mixing bucket Pa. When the bucket elevator, is prohibited in below or through the job. 7. When high-altitude maintenance, must two or more jobs, and seat belts, to take the necessary security. Windy, rain, snow and other weather can not be carried out maintenance work at high altitudes. 8. In the personnel to operate the audience job must wear a helmet. 9. Maintenance, Repair mixer top transfer drum, cleaning the mixer lining and cutter, you must cut off the power at the breaker box and set clear at the "DO NOT TURN ON" flag, set up special monitoring. When the mixer clean-up operations, the door must be opened, and in a supervised outside the door. 10. When removing material on the bottom of the hopper, the hopper must be raised to the proper position, the safety pin inserted in the track; when you remove the residual material inside the hopper, cement block production line brick machine you must turn off the power and set up special monitoring. 11. Shift changes, they must settle on duty, and to make records. 12. After the job should cut off the power, locked operating room, the key cross hand care.

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